Abundant Autumn Living

Autumn in New England can be a whirlwind of places to go and things to do before the last, gloriously colored leaf falls to the earth. Taking the time to savor all the simple autumn joys and make those lasting fall memories is a passion near and dear to my heart. Even though hosting a large, autumn gathering...a harvest party...is on our family's fall bucket list, we don't want to forget to embrace the simple things. We want to arrive at the end of fall feeling that we enjoyed an abundant autumn because in and amongst the big dates on the calendar were entwined all its simple joys. 

Here is a short list of simple fall joys. Which ones will you be embracing this autumn?

- gather acorns

- all the fall baking (Here are links to three of our favorites: Ina Garten's Pecan Shortbread Cookies, Half Baked Harvest's Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes with Whipped Maple Butter, and Iowa Girl Eats' Caramelized Sweet Potato and Kale Fried Wild Rice.

- eat cider donuts

- visit a pumpkin patch

- take the scenic routes

- gather leaves

- drink hot cider, hot tea, and hot chocolate

- go apple picking

-warm by a bonfire

-carve jack-o-lanterns with family and friends

Which other simple joys are on your list? Pull up a chair and join the conversation by leaving a comment! I love to be inspired by your thoughts!


  1. I love love love fall even in northwest Florida. I love collecting acorns. I do it daily on walks with my grandson. I don't have so many leaves, but when we visit Auburn in central Alabama, I collect as many leaves as possible. It is warm here, but I still love the change in the light of the day and eventually...about Thanksgiving or the first week of December we will have some leaves change. I love pumpkins, but we can't get those too early. Usually late October and then enjoy as long as possible. I am often not really ready for December decor because I am just getting started. Even beach walks are way more fun in the autumn. In fact, it may be my favorite time at the beach. Different, but love it all the same.
    Now, I can't get enough of the pretty pictures that you will post of leaves. It reminds me of when I was a kid and looked at Ideals magazines.

    1. I love how you appreciate the small differences in the seasons, even though you live in a temperate to tropical climate. Yes, the lovely shift in light is so enchanting!

      Here, in New England, we'll be lucky if our pumpkins don't freeze by the end of October. ;-)

  2. I'm inspired by your list of "simple joys"! Autumn is my favorite season and I want to enjoy it fully!

    Added to my list:
    ~ Make pumpkin butter
    ~ Plan for autumn's biggest holiday, Thanksgiving! Setting the table, Thanksgiving music, etc.

    1. Oh, those are excellent additions!
      Rather uncharacteristically, we will be away for Thanksgiving this year, so that didn't make my list. I will miss those sort of preparations. Considering celebrating early though.

  3. Love this list, most of which I do also. I have a collection of "State" acorns: some from Ohio (where I was born and lived most of my life), Florida (our son and family live there now), and Pennsylvania (where we live now). I put them out for display as a nature theme (I think you have a nature table for the grands?).

    1. That's a superb idea!
      Yes, I almost always have some nature-themed items out on our sofa table.

  4. Accounts of your fall wanderings have been a tremendous help as I planned a quick jaunt for my husband and I to Vermont for Antiques Week. You surely have a knack for finding delightful points of interest AND NOURISHMENT along the country roads. This shall be our own survey of cider donuts. Gratefully, Linda

    1. Oh, this makes me so happy! I'm glad I've been helpful to you, and I hope you have a fabulous time!
      My daughter has started a YouTube channel, and she's just begun a series on fall day trips in New England. This is the link to the introduction, and more will follow:

  5. Travel bag nearly packed . . . time to pause and give myself a treat . . . the intro to your daughter's newest endeavor.

    1. Aww. You're sweet! I hope you had, or are having a great trip!


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