Spring Flowers for a Spring Party

First off, I'd like to say a very sincere thank you for all your enthusiasm and encouraging words on my last posting! Secondly, I am immeasurably grateful to all of you who follow me on Instagram and have expressed your love and have prayed for my health. And for those of you who aren't aware of it, I have been ill since March 27th with bronchitis which turned into pneumonia. Each day I feel ever so slightly improved. We have long-standing plans to travel next week, so here's hoping I'm well enough to go.

In the midst of this illness, Bethany, our first-born and only spring baby, turned 28 years old! Spring is her favorite season -- when all the world is fresh and new, returning to life, and full of beauty.

As all the colorful spring flowers make her heart happy, I knew a vibrant and fragrant arrangement down the center of the table would put a smile on her face for her birthday celebration.

Julia did the shopping, (since I was too ill), and chose bouquets of: daffodils, grape hyacinth (purple being Bethany's favorite color), and white tulips.

I utilized a long, skinny, willow basket, some packaged moss, and a bunch of canning jars to pull the whole look together. A half-dozen, pint-size, wide-mouth jars were placed in a zigzag arrangement down the length of the basket and filled with water. (Not shown: I filled the gaps between the jars by placing half-pint canning jars upside down into the spaces to help support the moss.)

Then I cut the flower stems to length and divided them up evenly between each of the jars.

Small handfuls of moss were tucked gently around the edges and between all the flowers.

The pop of green and airy tendrils of the moss helped to provide just that organic, fresh, springtime look I was hoping for.

To recreate this look for your spring table, you will need:

- long, skinny basket

- half-pint and pint-size canning jars

- 5 to 6 bunches of springtime flowers

- pre-packaged, color-enhanced moss

- scissors

- water

Next time I write, I'll tell you all about the dinner we served and share our favorite chocolate cake recipe from the celebration!


  1. Beautiful photos and such a fun idea! Excited about the new direction of the blog and business for you! :)

    1. Oh, and I was inordinately excited to discover that your daughter is a YA fantasy author! I ordered one of her books and am very much looking forward to reading it!

    2. Oh, you are the sweetest! I will tell her you did so!

  2. I missed that you have been so very ill . . . and send hugs for continuing improvement with each SPRING day.
    Your flower arrangement is lovely beyond words. While I hope you are able to enjoy your trip, I will be wishing for it to be restful and healing.
    Speaking of trips, I cannot thank you ever enough for posting your road trips through New England . . . I currently am reviewing these and making notes of points of interest as well as places to stop of delicious local food and ambiance. My husband and I are planning to visit VT in the fall . . . I love the process of planning and calculating how we might fit "it all" in.
    warm wishes

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      Oh, a trip to New England in the fall! Nothing beats it! Yes, I think planning a trip is almost half the fun for me. Enjoy the process!

  3. Somehow, I missed that you had been so sick! I remember something about you getting a bad cold, but did not realize that it had continued to progress. I hope that you are well on your way to recovery by now!

    That gorgeous basket arrangement would brighten anyone's day! It's gorgeous! Birthday blessings to your daughter!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! And Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

      I am feeling slightly better each day.


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