A couple of weekends ago, we decided to make a day trip to Stowe, Vermont. We visited a couple of inns, including the Trapp Family Lodge. We ate Swiss fondue made from three delectable cheeses. We did some shopping. We ate too many gourmet chocolates. And we took the dogs (we were dogsitting one) and ourselves for a two mile snowshoeing trek. The chocolates were good, but the snowshoeing was definitely the highlight of the day!

We walked the trails of Wiessner Woods, a conservation area in Stowe. Although the day was a cold one, the skies were brilliantly blue. The good weather had brought out lots of other walkers and snowshoers, most with dog companions. Snowshoeing on a trail is a wonderful winter activity...fresh air, exercise, and lots of jolly company along the way.

The trail ended at a sugar shack in the woods. That was an unexpected delight! Although it wasn't working, it was fun to see it way back in the woods like that.

And even more delightful, the sugar shack had a mailbox full of dog biscuits for all the furry friends on the trail. SO sweet!

Back in August, I injured my knee while exercising. Blah. Isn't it always like that? You're doing what you ought to be doing to get stronger, and then you injure yourself and it just makes you weaker (or at least makes you feel your weakness acutely). But two months of physical therapy and lots of continuing work on my own, and I am absolutely thrilled that I am back! Even in January, I didn't think I'd be on snowshoes this winter at all. And here I was...doing two miles on them! I was so exceedingly happy, I literally could not stop smiling!

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