Changing Directions

This is where I've been the last few months. Well, I've been here and completely lost in my head. So many afternoons spent this winter, cozied up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and reading, reading, reading. Thinking and pondering and talking it all over with family.

I’ve been immensely challenged to shake things up! I’ve done all the inward processing and I’m pushing the self-doubt behind and starting to vocalize a bit of my dreams and plans! Although I love my Etsy shop, I realize that there’s a greater WHY behind what I do...that I LOVE creating happy memories for my friends and family! Hoping to transition off of Etsy and open my own online shop by spring 2020 focused around helping people to create happy memories for the people they love!

I may be a little less present here for the rest of the year while I make this big transition. But I hope that when I do post, it will be more of what I do best and a whole lot less of whatever's on my mind that night. But mostly, I hope it's more of what you want and need!

(And don't worry, I will still be making and stocking the shop with costumes through October/November of this year.)

And in very exciting-slightly scary news(!), this Friday I’m being interviewed by Josephine Brooks, a British productivity coach, for an episode for her podcast on the topic of pivoting my business!

(P.S. You may also note a name change. When I first starting blogging years and years ago, our children were young and I wanted to protect their privacy. But now they all go by their own names online, so I'm making the switch too.)


  1. Dear Debbie/Kate: to be sure, your readers will support and come along with you in your change enterprise. Is it so much change as it might be reaching for inclinations/abilities yet tapped? This process alone will be inspiring. A relative new comer to Wonderful Life Farm, I happily have mined it to great delight and purpose. A resource for recipes, travel destinations, books, gardening, organization, will it continue? Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence! I hope it will be that and so much more!

  3. You have me so intrigued. I can't wait to hear more. Isn't this privacy thing a hard thing to decide on or how much to reveal about your home?

    1. Happy to hear you're intrigued! ;-) Yes, the privacy thing is tricky...unfortunately.

  4. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor! And happy anniversary!!


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