Ski Lodge

Our home is being used as a ski lodge this weekend! And I couldn't be happier! Colette has a bunch of girlfriends up from Boston for a weekend of skiing, and they're using our house as a base. 

I used to ski. But I gave that up about a decade ago when fear of careening out of control and damaging myself or an unsuspecting innocent on the slope overshadowed any fun I was having. The last few years I've been thinking that, although I'm not out on the slopes, I would love to be the ski lodge mom...making warm, comfort food to welcome back the weary ski crew. So this was the menu for the hungry crowd:

- Friday Night -

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Baked Potato Soup
green salads
baguette and whole grain ciabatta

steaming cups of hot chocolate for a late night treat

- Saturday Morning -

Belgian waffles topped with fresh fruit and chocolate ganache or maple syrup
fruitwood smoked bacon
orange juice

- Saturday Night - 

chicken pot pie
green salads

chocolate chip bar cookies

- Sunday Morning -

Greek yogurts
Icelandic Skyr
fresh fruit
made-to-order omelettes
English muffins
orange juice


  1. Your ski lodge sounds like the place to be!!

    1. I hope it was! Everyone seemed to have a great time...both on the slopes and at "the lodge".


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