Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal

Today we awoke to softly falling snow. Bliss. Hubby pulled the shade up, so we could see watch the snow from bed. There are few winter delights that beat snuggling deeper into the warmth of a duvet and watching snow fall. 

But duties call and eventually snow blowing and shoveling must be done and breakfast must be made. Oatmeal is made for snowy mornings! This winter, I experimented with making my own instant oatmeal, so it was a quick and easy, warm breakfast.

I used Half Baked Harvest's Instant Oatmeal recipe (found here), and I got creative with my own flavors. It's super easy to customize her recipe by adding your own choice of: nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and extracts. I made four different batches in the following combinations:

- dried cranberries, walnuts, flax seed, and vanilla extract
- dried apples, pecans, cinnamon
- dried cherries, unsweetened large flake coconut, and vanilla extract
- dates, pecans, maple extract

Here's to cozy winter mornings!


  1. This oatmeal looks so cozy and warm...perfect for a winter's day! Thank you for sharing the link to the recipes and your combination ideas. I shall be saving this recipe!

    Grace and peace to you!


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