Lake Skating

This was my view for a small portion of today. Isn't it gorgeous? That's my daughter and her friend ice skating on frozen Lake Morey in Vermont. The resort on the edge of the lake clears a 4-mile track around the lake for skating, and it has long been a dream of ours to go skating on it.

My knee is not quite up to ice skating this winter, and certainly not for four miles. But it was beautiful to watch the two of them skate. Beautiful and bitterly cold. The temperature outside was 15 degrees with a whipping wind. 

I was the chauffeur for the day (not that they really needed one), and I treated everyone to gelato at the end of the day. We took the dogs along (we're dog sitting one), and I thought the sweet doggies and I would have a lovely, long walk lakeside. But it was so cold, I didn't think it was safe for them to walk too long in those temps, so we had a short walk and then watched the girls from the shore a bit before taking refuge in the car, heater running.

And there was homemade hot chocolate in a thermos keeping warm for the ride home!


  1. This is one of my dreams. I would like to skate outdoors, just once.


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