Garden Planning for Summer 2019

At some point, I'll share with you our last day in Florida (waiting for Go-Pro footage to be downloaded and made into's a process). But Sunday afternoon, I turned my attention to garden planning for this coming summer. I'm trying to keep it simple this year by not trying out anything new, keeping the layout simple, and not overwhelming my time with things that require lots of care (like winter squash that needs to be checked for beetles daily). This is the plan!

In the main garden will go:

- corn
- Roma tomatoes
- three cherry tomatoes (including Atomic Tomatoes, click here, for the first time)
- onions
- jalapeno
- zucchini
- crookneck squash
- basil
- chives
- sage

And on the trellis will go:

- cucumber
- green beans
- jack-be-little pumpkins
- sweet peas (for pretty!)

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