Florida - Day 2

On our second day in Florida, we drove to Tarpon Springs. It is a Greek community whose claim to fame is sponge diving! These brightly-trimmed boats take divers out to harvest sponges from the sea.

All up and down the streets near the shore are small shops selling the harvested sponges. It was amazing to see their variety in both size and shape as well as texture.

These are called finger sponges. I typically set out a small collection of shells for the grandkids to examine during the summer months. So, I bought a finger sponge to add to the display. I was told that you can get them wet, shape them into a different shape, and they will dry that way. Can't wait to try that with them!

Amongst the sponge shops, there are excellent Greek restaurants and bakeries! We had lunch at one, under the watchful eye of a bird. Delicious!

After returning to my in-laws home, Colette and I tried our hand at shuffleboard. As a child, every few summers, my family would rent a cabin in the mountains and there would be a shuffleboard court. I would ask my dad to explain to us how to play, and he would say something vague like, "Try to get it in that square, and you get 10 points...or something like that." My father-in-law gave quite a few more details than that, so now we actually understand how to play.

But it did us no good at all. We are clearly TERRIBLE at this game! I mean...it's laughable, is it not? As my most competitive child, she was at least happy that she beat my score, which was even worse than hers!

We have no plans to enter any tournaments!

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