Counting Down Winter and Making a List

I have this sense that winter is waning. That groundhog did see his shadow...drat. Maybe it would be prudent to make a list of foods to make, things to do, and places to go before the season is done. I'm feeling a bit convicted that most of my list is food. Is that a problem?  

- go snowshoeing

- visit Stowe, VT

- make gingerbread pancakes

- make baked apples with vanilla-cream sauce

- have a waffle breakfast for friends

- make Chocolate Guinness Pudding for St. Patrick's Day...SO good! (recipe here

- make Truffle Mac-n-Cheese...again (recipe here)

How about you? Are there any things you want to savor still while winter is with us?


  1. Oh, yes, numerous "intentions" remain for the winter season : paint the staircase to the basement, finish assembling a quilt and a few pillows, transcribe my mother and father's recipes, make a watercolor of our home (I know nothing about painting but adore primitive art so this could work out), and prune the three cherry trees in front of the house. There's more, much more, however I know too well my capability.

    1. Those are great winter projects! In the past, I have really loved the calorie burn that comes from painting rooms during the winter...when one isn't normally as active. So, I think painting projects are great!

    2. Your enthusiasm/encouragement is just what I need to power through.

  2. Being a Florida girl I don’t get too much winter and I must admit it was never my favorite season. I once thought of it as a nuisance. I couldn’t get my flowers to do much and it was just a waiting game for it to be over and you could get back to the water. However, time has taught me to look at it in a different light. I love my winter beach walks. In my neck of Florida it is still a little less visitors and it has become one of my favorite times to walk on the beach, but the biggie is I learned to embrace the time inside to rest and putter in the house. When you live near water I find you can be so busy the better part of the year and it is nice to slow down. No pretty snowy views but I have learned to love winter. Your list sounds fun though. I do love to bake.

    1. I love this! It's so important to embrace and enjoy each season's delights! Bravo!


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