Winter Wonderland Walking with the Pups

We've been dogsitting this week! (You can actually follow this dog on Instagram @newenglandpoppy.) We took Carson and Poppy out for a walk along the rail trail in our town, which is one of our favorite winter destinations. It's a long, straight trail occupying the miles that used to be taken up by railroad track. It's perfect for dog walking in the winter, especially when the road are muddy and salty and walking the dog on them would require bathing a dog afterwards. The rail trail has pristine snow and the blissful solitude of the woods.

I walked Poppy, which was a relief as she is perfectly behaved. Our wild child, on the other hand, is a relentless puller on the leash. We've tried a harness. We're trying a Gentle Leader. And still, he pulls. If you have any tips, please do pass them on! 

But we enjoyed their antics, the fresh air, and the soft, crunching of the snow beneath our feet. Poppy enjoyed sticks. Look how happy she is!

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