We're All in this Together

There's a giant snow storm coming this weekend! Personally, I'm thrilled! You know me...winter is my favorite season. The last I heard, the forecasters were predicting 12-20" for our neck of the woods.

The conversations in town were heartwarming today. People were swapping their plans to keep busy at home during the storm. People had plans for the best case (electricity on) and back-up plans (electricity off). Everyone is thinking about the essentials: salt for the driveways and gas for the generators. People were grocery shopping and stocking up, so they can stay off the streets during the worst of it. There's a bit of a buzz of excitement in the air mixed with a calmness that comes from having weathered many storms before. And there's the pleasant common bond we all feel when we're on the brink of a storm. We're all in this together.


  1. Good luck. Hope it is just a pleasant snow storm with electricity and no damage to anything. I would be stitching and reading.

  2. Oh what fun! I loved winter storms in New England during my growing up years. I know just the feeling you're describing. :-)


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