Simple Meal Ideas

Let's face it. There's a whole lot of cooking that happens in December. Between our Christmas party, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a New Year's Eve Party, and all the meals in between, I feel like there's little else I've done but plan, cook, and serve food for almost a month now. And I'm actually just a bit more than weary. Weary to the point of wondering, "Why do we need to eat again?" I'm making a mental note to make make and freeze some meals next October or November and pop them into the freezer for this first week of January, when I'm weary of thinking of food. But in the absence of those meals this year, I've been planning some super simple meals. Here's what we've been eating, if you're looking for some simple meal ideas too:

- chicken noodle soup, crackers and cheese (lots of leftover cheese and crackers from parties)

- omelettes (using up leftover ham and more cheese) and toast

- BLT's, french fries

- stuffed potatoes (more ham and cheese leftovers, and using bacon leftover from the making BLT's) and salads

- grilled cheese sandwiches and clementines

- charcuterie board with leftover dabs of this and that (salami, crackers, cheese, olives, dried fruit, nuts)

- chicken quesadillas served with salsa and guacamole, and served with salads

There! There's a whole week of meal planning done for you right there. Glad to be of help. The struggle is real.


  1. In Australia it is high summer and it has been unbearably hot in some places. Fortunately even though I live in the humid subtropics our temperatures have not been too extreme. But this time or year I plan platters of leftover hams, cheeses, melons, grapes, cherries etc. This is an easy way to eat if it is too hot. Some barbecue but we tend to not follow that route. I also make much lighter meals such as pasta carbonara or composed salads. I am going to tuck your list away for use over winter.

    1. That all sounds delicious and deliciously simple! I'll tuck your list away for next summer! ;-)


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