12 Ways to Cozy Your Winter

One of the main reasons that winter is my favorite season is its coziness. I love to feel cozy and it brings me so much joy to make my family and anyone who comes to our home feel cozy too. It's a harsh world out there at times, and if there's one place people should feel wrapped in love, it's home. 

- 12 Ways to Cozy Your Winter -

1. Candles. And more candles...lit every night.

2. Down throw pillows.

3. Hot chocolate, preferably with a shot of caramel syrup and a dollop of very loosely whipped cream.

4. Duvets in every bedroom.

5. Canisters of homemade biscotti by the coffee maker.

6. All the overhead lighting on dimmer switches with the brightness dimmed at sunset.

7. Throw blankets at the ready to chase away chills. We have a big basket of them in the family room, plus they are folded and draped over couches and chairs. 

8. Seasonal, warming meals.

9. Tea time nearly every day at four o'clock.

10. A roaring fire.

11. The bathroom well-stocked with essentials for lengthy bathroom soaks.

12. Cookies freshly baked out of the oven when everyone comes home.

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