Ready and Waiting

I think this is the most organized I've ever been for Christmas. I'm usually not doing too badly, but I have spent more Christmas Eve days sewing pajamas (as Christmas Eve gifts) than I would like to admit. But this year, I buckled down and made any gifts I was making in October. Yes! And I purchased Christmas cards very early, and that helped.

But the last present was wrapped yesterday. The gifts going to family far away shipped earlier this week. Food gifts to friends shipped Wednesday. The menus are planned. It feels wonderful to be prepared enough to have time to just relax and have fun! I spent the day with Colette, exploring some of our favorite small, New England towns and enjoying some great food. It was delightful to have time to be part of the general festiveness vs. part of the hustle.

How about you? How are your Christmas preparations going? 


  1. A serene day just before Christmas . . . to take it all in - perfection.
    Even though I have worked hard to check off items on my "list" earlier than ever this year, I shall keep your timeline in mind for next Christmas. Nice work.
    Hope you have found as I have even in the most crowded shops, people have been kind and patient. More impressive (encouraging) than this, I have found drivers to be courteous and cautious even during rush hour traffic here in northern Virginia where at times this is not the case! A new trend, perhaps? Certainly a bit of seasonal good cheer.
    Merry Christmas, Kate.

    1. Yes! I have noted how friendly everyone seems to be this year! And I've also noted how quickly lines have moved. A good sign that there is high employment (lots of registers open), perhaps? Not sure. But it's been a decidedly pleasant year for Christmas bustle! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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