The Christmas Stocking Collection 2018 is Here

It's here! It's in the shop! So excited to share with you Wonderful Life Farm's 2018 Christmas Stocking Collection! You can click here to visit the shop and see them, or you can click on any of the links below, because I just have to share a bit about them. Super excited for the stockings this year! AND I'm also excited to share that shipping on Christmas stockings is FREE this year!

For years and years now, this stocking (click here) has been my best-seller. It's been featured in several magazines, and is a constant favorite. But...and here's the bad news...I can't seem to procure any more of that fabulous red linen. So, what's in the shop is it. Get them while they last, because they have been flying off the shelf for the last couple of weeks.

But I also have good news! The good news is that I've created two stockings that include that same cuff that everyone loves so much, and they both coordinate fabulously with my best-seller! Click here or here to read more about them.

I love creating stockings from antique textiles. So when I found a gorgeous turkey red tablecloth in a nearby antique store, I pounced on it. The center of the tablecloth had a few holes, but the stunning border was in pristine condition. Now it's been given a new lease on life and will hopefully become someone's much cherished Christmas stocking. Click here to learn more. Note: this one is larger than most of my stockings, because the cuff just needed more space to shine.

You've heard me say before that I adore William Morris' adage, "Having nothing in your houses that you do not believe to be beautiful, or know to be useful." These stockings will be just that! They are made from a William Morris print called "Strawberry Thief". I love how they look hanging from the mantle in our family room! Click here.

And for another great British country look, or a hunt club vibe, there are these equestrian-inspired Christmas stockings! I just sold two of these today and they are headed off to Europe this weekend. Click here.

And a consistent favorite in my shop through the years has been any stocking made from plaid or checked wool. They are ever so cozy. And I think they are purchased for men often. Not that they wouldn't work for anyone, but there's something tailored and manly about them. Click here or here to see the wool stockings offered this year.

And rounding out the collection are stockings that were already in the shop. Click here to go to the shop to see them all. 

Coming soon will be the Christmas 2018 Small Treasures Collection! Stay tuned!

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