Sweet Faces

Look at those sweet faces! For years and years now, I have longed to own sheep. But...ahem...not everyone in the family agrees that this would be an outstanding idea. It's an impossible situation. So, I satisfy my sheep longing by visiting them whenever I can. I'm happy to report that I now know of three different farms where sheep are kept. I'm probably getting a reputation as a sheep stalker. Each time I drive by, I slow down or stop for a second to say "hello". Just look at those ears and those eager expressions! This fleecy trio practically came running over to greet us. Precious!


  1. Oh yes, I know that longing, but same here, not all on the same page. Perhaps someday:-) I did watch a good video last eve on youtube about when your spouse isn't on board with homesteading...LOL! Maybe I will try a few of her ideas. Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha! I think a Golden Retriever is as close to I'm getting to owning a sheep. ;-)


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