First Snow Storm

Last night, our first good snow storm of the season rolled in. Flakes started slowly drifting down about eight o'clock last night and didn't stop until around noon today. The moment I was awake this morning, I became aware of a whooshing sound. Initially, I thought it was wind. Then, as it got gradually louder, I thought it was an airplane. And finally, I realized that it the the sound of the snow plow going up the street...a noise we haven't heard for months. I scampered downstairs and filled the pellet stove with scoops and scoops of fresh pellets, embracing the warmth radiating from it. Then I threw open the door and stuck a ruler in the snow to see how much we had...7.25 inches! And it was still snowing!
Amusingly, there was an autumn leaf sitting on the snow piled up on the deck.

It was an oatmeal-for-breakfast and soup-for-dinner, cozy kind of day! And in between there were steaming cups of hot chocolate. 

Colette and I enjoyed making a quick loop through a neighboring town and seeing it in all its wintery glory!

Hubby did the snow blowing and we girls did the shoveling. And we all discussed how amazing it would be if the snow stayed on the ground until March or April!


  1. Dear Kate
    Why I never have commented until now, I cannot imagine because I truly appreciate your blog. Much like a homecoming the little things . . . seasonal, traditional always are there and welcoming.
    I, too, love snow (and New England, winter, cooking, visiting historic places). Yours was lovely. Ours, more like slush falling from the sky, did not meet my criteria for the first of this wintery time.
    Thank you for each and every one of your entries.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
    from Linda in northern VA where I live with my husband, golden retriever with children and sweet grands nearby.

    1. Hi, Linda. How delightful to meet you! Glad to have you as a reader! It sounds like we have a lot in common. I heard all about your snow yesterday, because I have a friend who lives in northern Virginia, and we were talking on the phone and swapping snow stories.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! (P.S.: We are hoping to adopt a Golden in the next few weeks! Our last one died in January, and we miss having a dog.)

    2. So very sorry to learn about your dog . . . fingers crossed you'll have another soon. A puppy for Christmas! Now that will be exciting.

    3. Actually, he's a rescue dog, so we think his age is about five. Puppies are adorable, but SO much work. ;-)

  2. I love that first photo! It took me a minute to decide if the leaf was sitting on snow, or if you'd picked it up and placed it in some sort of photo light box. Beautiful effect!

    1. Yes! I thought, while I was taking the picture, that it would look like that. But it was in the middle of our deck, so there wasn't really anything around it to give it perspective. So odd to see leaves on the snow.


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