Bomber Hats

The shop is freshly stocked with bomber hats, after Colette and I scooped up the littlest grandkiddo and went for a photo shoot in the snow. SO much fun! We discovered that, away from his siblings, he never stops talking! Not for two solid seconds was there silence. Hilarious chatter and non-stop action, wild expressions, throwing of snow, throwing himself into the snow, and all the antics one would expect from an active three-year old.

And to say a bit about bomber hats. Actually, I probably shouldn't say this, but...I really do NOT like making them. They just aren't that fun to make. But I do...every year. And I do it for one reason...because it breaks my heart to see a child who is cold. So, when I set about to make these hats, I created them with warmth in mind. How to create the perfect, winter hat? 

- made from 100% American-made wool

- lined with fleece and sherpa suede, so that nothing itchy touches their head, because a hat that itches will be torn off and tossed, and then they're not warm

- the combination of wool and synthetics creates a warmer hat than one of just wool

- ties under the chin

- comes in sizes 1-2 years AND 2-4 years

And this year, 10% of the proceeds from every sale go to support a charity that helps children and women who are in need of care.

Click here to visit them in the shop. Makes a great Christmas gift for the little one on your list!

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