The Maine Sights

I thought I'd give you a little tour of some of the sights I've been seeing while I've been chauffeuring Colette to her job in Maine. Maine is beautiful at any time of year, but summer and autumn are definitely when it shines! Being further north than we live, there is more autumn color to be seen here. But's a wee bit early, and it's just beginning to pop everywhere.

Given almost unlimited time to myself, my first choice of activity is to go antique shopping. And Maine, especially up and down Highway 1, is loaded with intriguing shops. Give me a three-story barn full of antiques, and you could lose me for hours!

Having run through most of the antique stores in the area and lugged home a number of small items...yet another walking stick, a small iron to use as a doorstop in my sewing room, a deer antler, a dried gourd, etc., I turned my attention to exploring bakeries and small restaurants. They all need exploring, right? 

Super good, jumbo biscuits here! And they make them into sandwiches!

And I finally made it to the locally-famous, Musette, where I had a super fluffy waffle stuffed full of ham and roasted peppers and onions. Highly recommend!

Sometimes I just enjoy driving and "getting lost" in an unknown area, which is the advantage of the modern age when you can just Google Maps your way from lost to the closest bakery! Win, win! While "lost", I happened upon this scene and had to pull over. It just took my breath away...England has met New England in a glance. Just look at that view!

But by far, my favorite way to explore places is on foot. After consuming the fluffy omelette with great enthusiasm, it was time for a long stroll. The town I was in then, Cape Porpoise (which has the cutest name!) is chock full of iconic Maine sights, and it was a joy to have time to savor them.

I've visited farm stands and garden centers. This one is Snug Harbor Farm. A large, white patty pan squash and a luminous, pale green bird bottle gourd came home with me from here.

Last Saturday, because it was the weekend, a flea market was happening, and I was able to go. This carved eagle, holding the Coast Guard's motto of Semper Paratus (always prepared) in its talons, came home with me. Perfect, since our son's a Coastie! It's probably going on the gallery wall in the family room. And, yes, these trips are starting to get expensive. More walks...less shopping. 

Today, it is raining and only in the 50's. And of all days, I completely forgot a jacket. But I've been doing a bit of wandering, because autumn is too pretty not to.

But I've been trying to redeem the time too, and have been blogging, typing for hours and hours on a project for our town's historical society, returning emails, and more. I've been reading. And I'm doing all the hand sewing I can possibly do. Today, I brought our Christmas cards along, and if time allows, I will be signing all of them and addressing them. Christmas is coming!


  1. We just got home from five hours of homeschool co-op, and I could definitely eat a giant biscuit sandwich right now. ;) And that picture of "England"!! I love it, and it does look just like places I saw in Great Britain. :-)

  2. So nice that you can enjoy this extra time with your daughter, and then explore on your own. I just bought a book from the library book sale for a Christmas present! It's never too early to shop and plan ahead.

  3. Kate,
    Makes me want to be there with you, here in the south we are still panting for autumn!
    Thanks for sharing.


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