Leaf Peeping in New England

Recently, Colette and I took a day trip to Manchester, Vermont. We took the back roads, through small, New England towns and past all the glorious autumn splendor that is quintessential New England. We had the day all planned out before we left home, and part of the essentials was breakfast at one of our favorite spots, so getting there before they stopped serving breakfast was of paramount importance. Hence, we only stopped once all the way there, because...well...this! How could we not stop and take a photo?

We got to The Copper Grouse just in time for breakfast. We love their cozy interior, with its rich paneling and warm colors. It was especially welcome this day, as it was damp and drizzly and just the sort of day you want a warm place of refuge.

After breakfast, we wandered the main roads and the back roads of Manchester. The clouds were hanging low over the hillsides and the autumn foliage was pretty close to peak. After a while, we found a parking spot and enjoyed a stroll down Manchester's marble sidewalks, the leaves crunching beneath our feet. Here are the sights we saw:

Then we drove to a local farm, where everything autumn was offered! We came seeking cider donuts (yum!), but enjoyed the hot, spiced cider too!

The drive home was breathtakingly beautiful too! This first building (this photo and the next) is one of the most intriguing buildings I've encountered in New Hampshire! It seems to be a four-story mill building...not sure if it's still used for something, or not. The stream was definitely trickling beneath the building, so it seems possible that it's still a working mill of some kind. It made me smile to see that someone has put a metal roof on this great old building...shows someone cares for its preservation.

I hope you enjoyed your tour. This weekend, we are doing so much autumnal wandering that we've named it "Autumn Fest" in our household! Those leaves are dropping fast, and we are out to enjoy it while it lasts!

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