Early Morning Stroll About Nantucket

Last week, Colette and I went to Nantucket for a trip scheduled prior to her spraining her ankle. (By the way, I'm happy to report that it's rapidly improving!) We had a wonderful time exploring the island from one end the other.

On our last morning there, I did my favorite thing to do on Nantucket...I took an early morning stroll. Nantucket, early morning, just me and my camera...it IS my happy place! Absolute bliss.

When I stepped outside our hotel that morning, to my great surprise, a warm breeze was whooshing over the island. A very strong, warm breeze. The sky was painted with pink-tinged clouds with golden highlights. Every fiber of my being felt alive and the breeze was invigorating. I'd never experienced Nantucket quite like this, and it made the windswept island all the more captivating and precious to me.

I love wandering and photographing all the unique features of the homes and gardens of the island. I'm drawn to their historic beauty and all the personal touches that have been added or have withstood the hand of time...doorknockers, flags, mail baskets, picket fences, mouldings, gardens secreted away beyond gates, Land Rovers collecting dust in driveways, the last of the dahlias, and on and on and on...

I do hope this woman will forgive me for invading her privacy with my zoom lens, but I think I shall never forget her. I glanced up and there she was...doing yoga on the widow's walk of her home...stories up in air...facing the rising sun...that warm, whooshing breeze brushing over her. What an experience that must be!

  1. widow's walk - a railed or balustraded platform built on a roof, originally in early New England houses, typically for providing an unimpeded view of the sea.

Eventually, I wander into the heart of the town. So wonderful to find the streets deserted still...plenty of time to admire the overflowing window boxes, peek into shop windows, and quietly greet passersby and every friendly dog.

I always know it's time to turn my feet back towards the hotel when the streets start getting busier. The hustle and bustle drives me back. The quiet of Nantucket is my happy place!


  1. Oh how very lovely. It was a delight to tag along with you. My husband and I first went to Nantucket to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary 25 years ago and returned at least once a year for many years to come . . . yet, it has been a while. Your photos urge me to think it wise to return once again.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Nantucket. That's when we fell in love with New England!

  2. A simple stroll can be so refreshing. So glad you enjoyed an especially lovely one.


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