When Life Hits a Snag

Sometimes, life just hits a snag. The Lord determines that our plans are going to go in a different direction than we intended, but precisely the way He intends. Two weeks ago, Colette sprained her ankle bouncing at a trampoline park with her niece and nephew.  She's spent a lot of time with her foot propped up on those pillows, waiting for the swelling to go down. It's much improved...at least to lovely colors of black and blue and green, if that's an improvement. But most days the swelling is down. Physical therapy starts soon.

All my plans for sewing costumes like a crazy woman have slowed to a crawl. The ankle, naturally, is the one she needs for driving. This has meant that I've had to come out of the sewing room and put on my chauffeur hat, so she can get to her job in Maine several days a week. I've been exploring Maine's antique shops, coffee houses, libraries, and country roads while she works all day, as it's too far from home to drop her off and come back. I've been taking with me: computer projects (typing this from a coffee house in Maine right now), a book, and all the hand sewing projects I can find. I'm also feeling grateful to be at a stage of life that allows me to be flexible and care for others, as needs arise.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord... - Jeremiah 29:11

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