So It Begins...

So it begins...the accumulation of the pumpkins! Something about all those New England farmstands just beckoning us with their piles of bulbous squash...drawing us in with their proud displays of the season's best. We are powerless to resist. The first official day of autumn is not even here yet, but we already have this beauty, one tall and thin one on the mantle, a heap of small white ones in an ironstone bowl on the kitchen table, and two white ones on the front steps. The day after Thanksgiving, we'll be pitching them out into the woods for the wildlife to feast on, but for now...each one is so irresistible!


  1. This photo stops me in my tracks. Not sure whether it's the gorgeous pumpkin or the table it's sitting on or the glimpse of the beautiful Windsor chairs or whether it's just that I love autumn so much and this has all the autumn feels.

    Traveling down a country road this afternoon, I spied some fabulous pumpkins and gourds. Of course, I asked my husband to turn around and he did and we bought a big Cinderella pumpkin and a few interesting gourds.

  2. Yay for pumpkin purchasing! And for husbands who turn around because they understand us! ;-)


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