New Beginnings

After 31 years, my dear, old Singer sewing machine seized up and refused to stitch another stitch. It's been fixed so many times, that it just seemed to be the prudent thing to replace it. I had done my research about a year ago, so I knew just what I wanted...a Janome HD3000 (HD = heavy duty). It arrived yesterday, and today it went into use!

What sold me on this one were the following features:

- It's heavy duty.
- Underneath its plastic outer carriage, it is metal.
- It is said to sew through paper, four layers of denim, silk, and leather!
- It is mechanical, not electronic. (HUGE selling point for me!)
- It has a free-arm and an automatic buttonhole attachment.
- It isn't loaded down with bells and whistles.

I needed a work horse of a machine, and I hope this is what I got. Now...on to sewing those much promised additional costumes for the shop!

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