Currently Reading: Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man

The reading I had mapped out for myself this year was a real cornucopia of genres and topics. Normally, I stick to a lot of classic fiction. But this year's list had, oddly, just one work of fiction and it was semi-autobiographical. But this one, Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man appealed to me, because it was said to be an almost first-hand account of someone who lived in the era Downton Abbey is set in, and of course...I'm all over that time period! I thought it would be intriguing reading. I'm almost half-way through, and I found the stories of his young childhood amusing and poignant. But at this point in the book, he's a young man in his early 20's who drifts without career ambitions or philanthrophic pursuits, and I must admit to becoming decidedly irked with him. Time will tell if I end up liking it by the last page.

Anyone else out there read this? What are you reading now?


  1. Interesting sounding book! I'd be curious to know your final assessment. Our eight-year-old and I are listening to Little Dorrit (we love Simon Vance's reading!), I'm reading the second book of Miss Read's Thrush Green series, I just started Reformation Women ;-), and my husband and I are listening to The Fellowship of the Ring (read by Rob Inglis).

  2. Love Little Dorrit! Have you seen the movie version?

    Yay, for Reformation Women!

    You have a lot of books going at once. I'm always in awe of that. I just plod through them one at a time. ;-)

  3. Yes, I think I have seen the Little Dorrit adaptation; although I'd love to see it again after listening to it (this is my second time through as it recently occurred to me that my daughter would love it).

    I was always a "one book at a time" gal until I started listening to some audiobooks several years ago, and I found that if the books I listened to were read by different readers, I didn't have trouble keeping track of the various stories (it also helps if the books are different genres and if I am reading or listening to them at different specific times with different people). ;)


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