Autumn Farm Stands in New England

One of the crowning glories of a New England autumn is the bounty available at its farm stands. The lure of the last of the harvest is nearly impossible for me to resist, partly because I know this is the last of the fresh-from-the-farm food for many months in this colder region of the country, and partly because I know that the hardworking local farmers are hoping for the last of the sales to be good before they enter into their quiet season. Here's a glimpse at the ones we've visited in the last couple of weeks...

We did a u-turn to follow a finely illustrated sign to this farm stand. As I said at the time, anybody who puts that much effort into making a good sign is bound to have a great farm stand. And it was true! More great signage and fabulous produce! I'm sorry I don't know the name of this farm, but if you are in the area of Exeter, NH, and you happen to spot a sign with artfully painted tomatoes, follow it!

Also in Exeter, NH is the very fine nursery, Churchill's Garden Center. They have a lovely selection of outdoor plantings for artful autumn potting and a nice selection of heirloom pumpkins.

In Hampton Falls, NH, we visited Applecrest Farm, the oldest and largest orchard in New Hampshire. Isn't it beautiful? Almost nothing I love better than the beauty of an apple orchard...the God-given industry of the bee blending with the hard work of the farmer to produce the fruit that presses into fruit, mashes into sauce, ferments into vinegar, and warms us as pie. Bliss! We definitely want to go back when their Farm Bistro is open (check their website for hours so you can plan your trip wisely).


Just one photo from Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, NH. I'll be returning there before the season is out, so expect more pictures to come. But plums! Plums! Their beauty! Alyson's is one of our favorite orchards to visit, because the people are so friendly and they have a dazzling array of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and apples from which to choose.

Just a nine minute drive from Alyson's brought us to Harlow Farm in Westminster, Vermont. We had never explored here before, and we enjoyed examining all their offerings. They have a little cafe/coffeehouse on the premises, as well as fresh produce, gourmet groceries, landscape plantings, and of course...pumpkins! Bonus points to this place for neatly-lettered and informative signage!

This sign claimed that this apple variety, which I had never heard of, was "worth trying", so we did. Interesting flavor...kind of nutty.

And THIS was situated by the cash register! It's a mushroom harvest in the wild. To give you a size perspective, it is sitting on a dinner plate. We were told that it grows on rotting oak trees. This is 1/4 of the size it was when it was harvested. The clerk picked it up to position it so that I could photograph it from a better angle. When he did...a salamander fell out of it. Oh my! Yes, indeed...harvested in the wild. I stifled the sudden urge to give out a very girly shriek and simply said, "Oh my! There's a....there's a....Oh yes." Eeeek! A bit too wild for me, I think.

And this week, I stumbled upon Wallingford Farm (c. 1804) in Kennebunk, Maine. Sadly, it was closed when I arrived, but I did wander about a bit and take some photos. I'd love to return when it's open sometime soon. It is an historic farm and pumpkin lover's delight!


  1. I love this post! Charming farm stands and luscious pumpkins and gourds . . . how could I not love it?!

    (But I'll pass on the salamander. Hats off to you for stifling that shriek!)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It IS just the best time of year for produce!

  3. Charming post, lovely pictures, ....thank you. I love all things Autumn. We are getting a rare treat here in central Texas with moderate temperatures and lots of rain. Not New England cool kind of fall, but nice. Happy punkin time to you at Wonderful Life Farm.

    1. Ah...that makes me happy! We have dear friends in Texas, and I'm always happy, for their sake, when the temperature moderates a bit there. Good to hear! Happy autumn to you too!


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