Autumn Baking and Cooking List

I don't know about you, but I have been more than eager to start in on autumn baking and cooking and to enjoy all those spicy flavors and cozy meals. It seems that I always start out in eagerness, but busyness creeps in and autumn flies away from me, and I never quite cook and bake as much as I intended. And once Christmas time is here, I have zero interest in baking pumpkin anything. This year, in order to help me stay focused, I have compiled a list of the foods and recipes I want to enjoy. Here's how the list is shaping up:


- Apple Walnut Zucchini Bread from the fabulous blog The View from Great Island. Click here for the recipe. I want to bake like crazy, but I don't want all those calories. So, I'm spreading the love around and baking for fellowship time after church. Is that acting in love? I can't decide. Anyway, this recipe is moist and delicious and a definite keeper!

- Roasted veggies. I'm just going to toss everything with a bit of olive oil and throw it into the oven. I'm particularly excited to roast carrots and butternut squash.

- Cinnamon Ice Cream. I may buy this. I may make it. But I've definitely been craving it. I'm imagining it over a piping hot square of gingerbread after Sunday dinner.

- Spiced Plum Cordial. I'm going to make my standard cordial recipe (click here) with plums and cinnamon sticks and see how that turns out. I think this will be best in the early autumn before the weather turns too cold.

- Marte Marie Forsberg's meal from the April edition of UK Country Living. Everything about Marte Marie Forsberg says warm and cozy, hearthside and rainy days, candlelight and conviviality. So when I saw this meal featured in the April issue of one of my favorite magazines, it spoke autumn's coziness to me. I've been hanging on to it ever since, waiting to try: Fennel and Potato Soup, Norwegian Pork Belly with Mustard Coleslaw and Brown Gravy, and Roasted Potatoes (whose secret ingredient is: duck fat!). Click here for the recipes.

- Roasted Autumn Fruits. Twice I've seen these featured on someone's Instagram, and they just draw me in...a big casserole dish heaped with the fruits of the late summer/early autumn...raspberries, plums, apples, pears. Add a bit of herbs if desired. Some butter. A sticky drizzle of honey. Pop it all in the oven to roast. Serve alongside a pork tenderloin, or add a generous dollop to a bowl of hearty oatmeal. Doesn't that look and sound deliciously beautiful?

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- Maple Toffee Popcorn with Salted Peanuts. This recipe appears in the latest issue of Yankee Magazine. A sweet treat for an autumn afternoon. Click here for the recipe.

- Grilled Autumn Foods from The Gardener & the Grill. As I told you before, I'm looking forward to some autumn grilling from this cookbook, including the following: Skewered Chicken Saltimbocca, Smoked and Smashed Sweet Potato Soup, Grilled Turkey Breast with Winter Greens and Warm Cranberry Vinaigrette, Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Fig Skewers, Acorn Squash and Apple Rings with Cider Jus, Grilled Pears with Honey-Cinnamon Creme Fraiche.

What autumn foods are you looking forward to?


  1. We're getting there with cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Windows are open today!! This reminds me of your four part series titled "Atmosphere" that describes your feelings for each of the seasons. Thank you.

  2. Yay, for cooler weather! Glad you're getting some cool temps too!


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