Tasha Tudor Give Away Update

Here's another posting where I have to admit with horror YET AGAIN about how I went more than a year without realizing that anyone was leaving comments on my blog, because Blogger changed something and stopped sending up a little flag to tell me I had comments. You remember this, from this posting?

Well, the most horrifying aspect of it all was the 18 sweet comment entries that I had to last year's give away in honor of Tasha Tudor's birthday (this posting). Ack! You all must have thought me terribly rude?...or absent-minded?...or a fraud? Gosh, I hope not the last one! In reality, I just thought no one wanted to enter, and I kind of pouted about that. And then this June, when the full realization of what happened hit me, I pondered what to do about this...should I just carry it over to this year, since her birthday is this month?...should I just choose a winner from last year?...would anyone even care anymore?

I decided to choose a winner tonight for last year's give away, and it is: Grandma Deb! Congratulations! 

If you did not win, stay tuned, because I have something spectacularly unique for this year's give away in honor of Tasha Tudor Day! I will be posting about that in a few days. And I promise I will read every comment promptly!


  1. Aww! Well better late than never, right?! I plan on celebrating her birthday on my blog this year too :D


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