Fun with Family After the Wedding

Four days after the wedding, our friends departed from our own personal B&B, and my family moved in. Here's a glimpse at the fun we had with them...

We toured the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum in Boston, which is a fascinating survey of his life and presidency. I loved seeing some of Jacqueline Kennedy's clothing on display!

The following day, while I spent some time with my Mom and Dad, everyone else went to the lake for a day of fun! Felicity and Walter were able to go too. And photo credits to Walter for capturing these great moments.

Then everyone convened back at our house for a cookout in the fire pit that evening. At least that was the plan. But then, about 10 minutes before the spit-roasted pork tenderloin was completely cooked, the rain began.

Monday brought us another day at the lake...paddleboarding, kayaking, and picnicking.

Living in history-rich New England means that there is no shortage of fabulous historical sites to explore when guests come to visit. I always love visiting Plimoth Plantation...New England where it all began! And being descendants of the Allertons makes it just that much more special.

And we stopped at Ziggy's for ice cream on this very hot and humid day. Ice cream makes everything better!

The next two days were spent exploring Boston. SO many fond memories, it's hard to choose just the highlights...bits of the Freedom Trail, lots of chocolate, the Boston Public Library's grandeur, an abundance of art, and just enough craziness to make it super memorable.

Things are getting weird here, and a couple of people are about to burst into song! Nuts!

I hope you are all having a splendid summer too...making happy memories with your family!


  1. Yes, wonderful memories made with your family. Lovely photos, and you even got in that really cool selfie/lake picture! Our family was here from Florida and since the grandsons are just learning about American history they even suggested going to Gettysburg (we did Philadelphia the year before). It's nice sharing our section of the U.S. with them!

    1. Oooo! Gettysburg is a treasure! I'm so glad you got to experience that with them!


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