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When I was trying to decide which books I should read this year, I determined to read and educate myself in at least one field of which I knew absolutely nothing. Last year I met a man who introduced himself as an economist. My instant thought was...oh gosh! An economist. I know absolutely nothing about this field. What DO I ask him about his job?

That's not good. But, truth be told, I did manage to graduate from college without a single course in economics. I am educated...just not in economics. So, this seemed the book to read. I decided to whiz through it over the course of two weeks, because I thought it would be dull. But the reverse is true, and I'm finding it quite enlightening. 

What are you reading this summer?


  1. I had one class of Economics in college and enjoyed it. But now I am reading John Irving's "A Prayer for Owen Meany"--a lon-n-n-g book of 600+ pages!I'm about halfway through it and I do hope I persevere long enough to finish it!

    1. Good for you! Long books can be a David McCullough's "John Adams"...but oh so worth it!


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