A Special Request

One of my sweetest customers ever asked if I'd make her son a King George III costume for Halloween...as in the King George III costume from the musical, "Hamilton". I had no idea what that would look like, but she sent a picture.

Due to time constraints, I don't always (or can't always) say yes to custom order requests, but this time I did. What a delight to make this for her son!

So, if King George III shows up on your doorstep this Halloween, give him some candy...and a copy of the Declaration of Independence! ;-)


  1. Wow!!! The Lord gave you such a gift in sewing!!! It looks wonderful. : ) Mary S.

  2. Now I am finding out your seamstress talents and giftings. Every year I help with the costumes for my daughter's dance company performance of the Nutcracker. I do more in the line of alterations, but there have been times of making new costumes too. Two years ago we were studying Little Women and decided we wanted to learn how to sew an 1860's day dress. That was fun and allowed me to learn quite a bit.
    P.S. I agree. Instagram has its own unique perks!

    1. Oh, how fun! An 1860's day dress is quite the challenge. Bravo for you!


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