Colonial Girl's Gowns

As long promised, there are Colonial Girl's Gowns listed in the shop now! Every time I'm in the midst of making girl's costumes, I groan and remind myself that I mostly do boy's costuming, because girl's in so time consuming. And then, when I see it on my adorable model, my heart just melts, and I remind myself that THIS is why I make girl's costumes...because they're just so pretty!

Click here to visit this one.

Click here to see this one.

And click here to view this one.

Each one is a 5-piece ensemble: underskirt, gown, kerchief, cap, and necklace. And each is ready to ship!


  1. Oooooh! I love this so much! I wish my girl was still little enough to wear one of these! You do such beautiful work.

  2. How very lovely,colour combination is stunning 🌼

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