A Heartfelt Apology and Announcements

First of all...an apology. Today, I received a very sweet note from a reader, Anna, who wondered if I was no longer accepting comments on my blog, because she had left many and they never appeared. What on earth? I was completely shocked to hear that! Apparently, Blogger has stopped sending up a little flag to tell me that I had comments awaiting moderation. But I just researched it and, lo and behold(!), there they are...dozens and dozens of sweet comments that you have all left me. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see them all and to realize that you must have thought me terribly rude for never posting your comments and never responding! Is my face red! 

So do please forgive me? And tomorrow, when I have a bit more time, I'm going to go through and approve every one and respond to them.

Next...a quick business announcement that my shops are set on vacation mode from now until July 20th. I will most likely not be returning any inquiries during that time either.

And lastly, I will not be blogging much during that time either, because we will be...

- traveling to South Carolina to see Max graduate from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center!

- joyously attending the WEDDING!

- hosting houseguests for two weeks!

I may pop in for a quick update now and then, but that's uncertain. But I will have so many photos and stories to tell when I return.

AND, if you want to see pictures earlier, you can follow me on Instagram @goodwifeh

Love to you all!

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