Tour of My Sewing Room

Early last year, I moved my sewing room from its squishy headquarters in the laundry room to an upstairs room we'd previously used as our homeschooling room. Why I waited so long, I have no idea, because I love my new, larger space. I spend much of my week there, right inside that open door, designing and creating for my two Etsy shops, Wonderful Life Farm and Jiggety Pig.

I tidied it up just a bit for the photos, but mostly I wanted you to see what it really looks like on a daily basis. I have two 6-foot tables set up in an is my work table and one is my projects table.

Here's an aerial view of the work table. This is where it all gets done! Sitting here, I have a nice view out of the front of the house. And everything I need is within arm's reach: my trusty Singer sewing machine, scissors, pin cushion, my most often used thread colors, a tiny green glass cup that contains my most often used buttons for quickly making buttonholes, a glass of water (always!...except about 4:00 p.m. when I often have a cup of tea), bobbins, everything on my project table, and more.

To the right of the work table is the projects table. Anything I'm currently working on is here (white linen shirts), so I can grab each piece easily as I'm sewing. Some recently finished projects are hanging out here temporarily...a sneak peek at some new Christmas stockings for Wonderful Life Farm and a couple of boy's vests.

At the far left of the work table is my Rowenta Steam Station. What a lifesaver that is! When you sew as much as I do, you need a serious iron. If you've never seen one of these, it has a reservoir that holds a large quantity of water and can provide unlimited steam. And, most importantly, it does NOT automatically turn itself off, which is so annoying for people who sew.

The wall to the left of the work table has a recently installed, large bulletin board. I use this place to keep track of my schedule in a four-month spread of calendar pages, so I can see what projects are in the works, how much time I have for custom orders, reminders to do (the dreaded) accounting, etc.

I also pin visual inspirations for future projects, my classic stocking pattern, measurements for certain things, and the receipt of custom orders in progress.

You may be wondering why he is on my bulletin board. There's a good reason. Really! ;-) He's a visual reminder that, when I plan the Christmas stockings I'm making for Wonderful Life Farm for the year, to make sure I'm stocking something that a guy who looks like that might like...something wool and plaid and manly.

At the other end, I pin: patterns, more measurements, simple instructions, inspiration pictures, family pictures, and more.

Isn't this quite the couple though? I snatched this up at an antique store, because I loved the fine fit of her bodice, the great bustle, the unusual accent of that large brooch on her upper skirt, and her deadpan expression. I think she might've been a force to be reckoned with, don't you?

And if I'm sitting and sewing, straight ahead between the two front windows, is a short bookshelf filled with essentials. I prefer to find interesting storage containers to corral all the million and one things that accumulate in a sewing room. I use antique jars for thread and buttons, baskets for patterns, a hotel silver compote for brass thumbtacks, and wooden Shaker boxes for more buttons and ribbons.

In the corner and on the bookshelves (leftover from homeschooling days and still holding a fair number of books) is where I house all my fabric. I really try my best to keep only fabric that I actually use, and periodically I have a purge. A bunch of fabric recently went to the drama club of a local school for costumes and set use.

More custom storage solutions.

This is the newest section of my sewing room...the shipping station! I LOVE it! This is going to make the busy Christmas season SO much easier! Everything I need at my fingertips: boxes, tissue, twine, mailing labels, stationery, pens, tape. It's super functional and just seeing it thrills me a bit each day, I must admit. 

All my shipments receive a handwritten thank you note, because I truly just am so grateful for each and every customer choosing my shops. 

Over the shipping station is another, matching but smaller bulletin board. This one holds other inspirations that are related to the shops, but not necessarily the creative, sewing side of the some labels I find beautiful.

A sweet card from a dear friend congratulating me on my 500th Etsy sale (now I'm 800+!).

And it contains info on sources, including a photo torn from a magazine of one of my favorite corners in a truly lovely store in Fullerton, CA called Gilding the Lily. If you happen to live in the area, stop in and visit there. But since I'm 3,000 miles away, I keep this bit of velvet ribbon eye candy on my bulletin board.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Thank you for sharing this room in your lovely home! I remember your "laundry room" sewing room. This is definetely a bigger room. I loved your idea of the Shaker boxes for storage so I went on the hunt for some of my own.

    1. Oooo! I hope they're working out well for you! LOVE mine!

      P.S. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response to your comment! Apparently Blogger changed how they notify me (or don’t notify me!) about comments, and I didn’t realize that your comment was there. I wasn’t trying to be rude…really! So sorry!


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