An Afternoon in Newport, Rhode Island

Last week, Colette and I took off for a long-anticipated afternoon in Newport, Rhode Island. We had been watching the forecast for a week and were thrilled that temps were supposed to be in the upper-50's. It was finally going to feel like spring! We had our plans all lined up for the sights we wanted to see and the places we wanted to visit. We were off!

First stop was in Providence at PVDonuts, "Rhode Island's First Specialty Donut Shop". We don't often indulge in donuts, but when we're off exploring new towns, we treat ourselves. And it did not disappoint! The line was out the door, but the donuts were worth the wait.

We devoured a few, and brought these home with us to share: Passionfruit Filled, Maple Bacon, White Chocolate Raspberry, PVD Cream Filled, Fudge Oreo, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Our favorite, hands-down, was the Samoa (not pictured). Don't miss it if you pay them a visit.

One of my favorite things about living in New England is taking off down an unknown road and rounding a corner and discovering something unexpected and beautiful...a lake, a covered bridge, a quaint farmstand. Rarely do you round a corner, however, and have your jaw drop at the sight, which is exactly what happened when we spotted the Newport Country Club. Gorgeous!

Then it was down to the seashore. We're not sure what happened to those upper-50's temps forecast, but the wind was whipping, the sea was churning in moody colors, the sky was spitting rain, and we were freezing.

There's Colette encouraging me to come down those stairs. But I'm quite terrified of heights and a staircase with no railing on one side and just a rope to protect you from certain death on the other?!?! No way!

She had to come up and coach me down. I got to the end of the landing and that was it for me! It all stems from a childhood incident of getting "stuck" on a roof. Long story.

Nearby was the historic Castle Hill Inn. Isn't it gorgeous perched there looking out to sea? And since we were so cold we could barely feel our fingers, we headed off that direction for lunch.

Lunch views...

Back on the road and driving to our next stop, we passed Hammersmith Farm, which was the childhood summer home of Jacqueline Kennedy and the place where she and JFK wed.

Then we toured Rosecliff Mansion, the former home of a silver heiress from Nevada. It was one of the Newport Mansions that we didn't see last time we were there.

Then we drove back into the heart of the city for a little shopping. First stop was The Royal Male, where you enter through a cheery, red, Dutch door into a world filled with lambswool, tweed, Barbour coats, and all things British.

And then we stopped at the KJP store for all things preppy and nautical.

We grabbed some Starbucks for the long drive and headed towards home. It was a really fun day...a little nature and outdoors, a lovely inn lunch, wacky and tasty donuts, some historical architecture, and a bit of shopping. A good girls day out!

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