30th Anniversary Celebration - Top of the Hub

Recently, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! That's a long time, when you stop to think of it...thirty years! I'm so grateful for the steadfast love of my Hubby! So grateful to God for bringing us together.

We met through a mutual friend. My friend was best friends with his roommate, and we were visiting him. I was sitting in his living room when he came home that day. He often jokes, "You can't beat it when God delivers her right to your house!" We were engaged two months later, and married six months after that.

And now, thirty years later, we were celebrating our love! Part of our anniversary celebration was our weekend away in February at the Mount Washington Hotel. And the second half was a very special dinner at The Top of the Hub restaurant in Boston. Dressing up for a night on the town!

It is on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center with a sweeping view of the entire city. We were so grateful for a crystal clear day with a view that stretched forever! Almost in the middle of this picture is Boston Common and the Public Garden. Stretching between them and the bottom left corner of this picture are the rooftops of the Back Bay.

Zooming in on Copley Square, named for the artist John Singleton Copley.

Dinner was a scrumptious three course affair...every one with a pairing of wine. We each started with pumpkin ravioli with goat cheese. Then Hubby had the steak and I had the chicken. And we both enjoyed creme brulee with fresh berries for dessert.

We purposely timed our reservation to allow us to see the city in the daylight, and then enjoy the magic of lights coming on and the dazzling sight of the city at night. It couldn't have been more perfect!

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