Pancake Saturday

Since it's Maple Season in New England, I thought it would be fun to have a Pancake Party! Felicity, Walter, and the kiddos came over Saturday for a little morning feast.

I offered four different types of pancakes: buttermilk, buttermilk with green food coloring (as it was St. Patrick's Day), blueberry, and coconut. Hubby wanted buttermilk. And everyone else wanted coconut (with seconds of coconut with a crazy swirl of green food coloring). Coconut pancakes are delicious!...and more filling than a regular pancake. Click here for the recipe. (I served it with real maple syrup, and I used plain flour vs. coconut flour.)

Applewood- and cob-smoked bacon, a smattering of blueberries, and orange juice rounded out the meal. Sticky, happy smiles all around!

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