In Love with Winter Squash

It was a dismal year for tomatoes in the garden. But where tomatoes failed, winter squash thrived! Behold, the harvest! (Well, not counting the four I pitched due to some burrowing insect, and the one upon which a mole feasted. Cheeky fellow!)

My excitement over winter squash reaches almost childhood-Christmas levels! In fact, they are a lot like presents. First, they appear in the something tempting in a store window. And you stroll past them for months while your admiration and enthusiasm only grow. And each time you pass, you delight in how wonderful they will be when they are opened (and cooked). 

And then the day finally arrives when they can be purchasing that long-awaited present! So much fun! And you bring them home and stash them in some secure and safe place in the house...peeking at them every once in a while...just to check on them and admire them anew. And then, like Christmas day, you bring one out in the heart of winter and roast it up in the oven...filling the house with its aroma of buttery and cinnamon-coated goodness...and present it to your family to "yums" and "ahhhs" and your squash-loving heart is just filled to the brim!

And if all that wasn't enough...just look at their form. I love the way they pose so elegantly for pictures. 


  1. Squash is just delicious and they sure do say "Autumn" so beautifully :)

    1. Squash lovers unite! ;-)

      Our favorites too!

      P.S. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response to your comment! Apparently Blogger changed how they notify me (or don’t notify me!) about comments, and I didn’t realize that your comment was there. I wasn’t trying to be rude…really! So sorry!


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