Fall Additions

Autumn is finally here! But until today, the weather has been dreadfully hot, so it's been difficult to get into the mood of baking and cozying and all delights of the season. But I've been stocking up on a few essentials.

- Monin Salted Caramel syrup to add to coffee and hot chocolate. I love how a pump of this syrup makes hot chocolate all the more velvety.
- Whole nutmeg for grating atop eggnog and whipped cream on pumpkin pie. I found these in an apothecary jar in The Old Country Store, one of the oldest general stores in the country (since 1781).
-Cinnamon sifter for lightly dusting whipped cream on our hot chocolate. I love the cozy flavor blend of chocolate and cinnamon!
-A new nutcracker, as our old one was broken. This lovely one with olive wood handles is from Crate & Barrel.
-Saddle soap for reconditioning our winter boots and shoes and purses. A little TLC keeps them looking great for years.

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