Lake Time

The weather was glorious, summer is waning, and Colette had the day off work. All that meant that it was a fabulous opportunity to head to a lake for some fun!

Decisions, decisions. Canoe? Double kayak? Single kayak? Paddleboard? In the end, I took a single kayak, because it enabled us to bring along a backpack with a phone for picture taking. Plus, it's super relaxing!

And Colette chose a paddleboard, which she'd done once before and loved.

We headed out to a small, uninhabited island and, like any self-respecting 8-year olds, we claimed it for our own. We clambered out on the rocky shore, tied up the kayak and paddleboard, climbed up a big rock, and did this!

We both agreed that we were fulfilling our childhood dreams!


  1. I loved seeing you jump in the water on your daughter's Instagram! Not too old to enjoy an adventure! One of the things we did to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary was go to "Go Ape" adventure...what a thrill that was: climbing, walking through the trees and ziplines! We also did the quiet side of visiting Colonial Williamsburg (something for the Mister, and something for me).


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