4th of July Celebration

I hope you had a grateful and fun Independence Day celebration! Ours was full of family, food, and great New England charm!

We began the day by watching our small town's 4th of July parade. The grandkiddos came to watch for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! Theo declared it "...almost as much fun as the fair!" And little Nora said her favorite part was "the horses". Asked what else she liked, she replied, "The horses". There might have been other things to see, but not in the eyes of a 3-year old! Melts my heart! 

Then it was home for a leisurely afternoon and some food prep. When Colette got home from work, it was time to decorate. I love having an assortment of patriotic fabrics and a whole fistful of flags, because you can instantly make any national holiday look patriotic.

I love these memory-making times around our fire pit surrounded by family and friends...enjoying food and conversation for hours, as the sun sets in the sky and the fireflies start their sparkly dance among the shrubbery. I hope the grandkids cherish these memories all their lives.

- MENU -

hot dogs grilled over the open fire
traditional condiments
Ina Garten's Red Dill Potato Salad (recipe here)
watermelon/blueberry/blackberry salad
vegetable tray with tatziki
potato chips with onion dip
lime tortilla chips with Cowboy Caviar

assorted artisan sodas
artisan beer
hard cider

s'mores with milk and dark chocolate

Whenever I'm in Home Goods (and let's face it...that's more often than I ought to be), I cruise through the food section and check out the selection of artisan sodas. If anything sounds intriguing, I grab a 4-pack, bring it home, and store it in the basement for the next cookout. People love digging through the ice to discover something new. This time I had IBC Cream Soda, something from Maine Root, Marionberry Cream Soda, and two interesting types from a company called Sipp (pear/green tea/honey AND blood orange/lime/jalapeno.

The sun set and out came the glow necklaces, s'mores, and sparklers!

Photo credits for that last photo go to our friend, who has FAR greater photography skills than I!

I hope you had a wonderful celebration too!

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