Halloween Happenings

Halloween has come and gone, and I hope you had a great one! I've been saving up a stockpile of photos to share with you of scenes that captured Halloween in New England, and photos of our Halloween happenings.

First, around New England..pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.

I love how these enterprising Yankees have turned their front lawn into a beautiful farmstand. We chose a couple of squash and a gourd and dropped our money in the box.

Autumn was just so, SO gorgeous this year!

Tiny pumpkins all in a row on a doorstep in Vermont...and giant, fierce, munching pumpkin at our local Whole Foods.

And at our house, there was jack-o-lantern carving with the little ones. They were troopers and didn't even mind (too much) about pulling the goop out.

When your household is comprised entirely of adults...you buy the good Halloween candy!

And with that, Halloween is over for another year. Welcome November!

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