A Rainy Day at the Head of the Charles

A couple of weeks ago, Colette and her dear friend and I spent a rainy Saturday in Boston attending the Head of the Charles Regatta. Rowers from all over the U.S. compete in solo, pairs, and team rowing competitions along the scenic banks of the Charles River as it snakes through Boston and past the colleges and city skyline.

Competitors are of all ages from community teams, and many college teams from all over the country.

Spectators, like ourselves, line the banks of the river and congregate on the bridges to watch the boats and cheer on favorite teams. Others (with connections, I presume) watch from some of the many boathouses that line the river. These two belong to Harvard University.

The Cambridge Boat Club is in the heart of the action at the Head of the Charles.

The crowd was a fun and convivial mix of families, aging rowers and college rowers, dogs, and preppy college students. This vendor was giving away samples of the most delicious apple-almond herbal tea, and we stopped in and purchased canisters to take home and/or a cup to warm us on the damp day.

Colette was happy to do a little shopping at the Brooks Brothers tent...a hopping place!

Happy faces despite the cold and rain! Love these cheerful girls!

Day made even more fun with kettle corn!

Never let it be said that Colette leaves any dog unpetted!

The award for best dressed dog of the day was this little fellow, Henry, in his Barbour coat. Too adorable!

It was a super fun day, despite the rain, and we hope to go again next year.


  1. They have this at boathouse row in Philadelphia (my husband is from Philadelphia). I didn't realize the boats were so long! (I've never attended any). Andrea

  2. Yes, they're astoundingly long, aren't they? Sometimes we see them being transported down the freeway, and I'm always shocked at their length.


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