Scenic Drive in a New England Autumn

Hubby was gone on a business trip all last week, so hadn't had an opportunity to see the beautiful countryside in all its autumn splendor. We decided to take a Sunday drive through a few of the scenic small towns near to us. And we chose our day well, because the foliage was truly breathtaking. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that we really live here, surrounded by all this beauty! What a blessing! Here's a glimpse at the sights we saw! 

First stop was Francestown (est. 1772), where we walked up and down Main Street and around the leaf strewn lawn and graveyard that surround the Francestown Meetinghouse. 

Then we drove over to Hancock (est. 1779), where I didn't snap as many pictures (raining just a bit by then), but this profusion of yellow was dazzling!

We passed Skatutakee Lake.

Then we arrived in Harrisville. 

Their town website describes the town as...

Harrisville is a small New Hampshire town centered around a uniquely preserved and historic 19th century industrial mill complex. Located in the heart of the Monadnock region it is comprised of 10 lakes and ponds, a rehabilitated brick and granite mill surrounded by a quaint village with a traditional New England general store and a summer farmers market. Our beautiful town, set just off Route 101 and nestled against a picturesque rural backdrop, boasts a vibrant community with active farms, people practicing traditional and digital-age trades, and a wealth of artists and artisans. It is a much-loved vacation destination for families escaping hot urban summers as well as a great place to live year-round, raise a family, or retire in peaceful quietude. 

First stop was the general store, where our patient dog was happy to finally escape the car. And the general store sells dog treats!

And they sell very tasty little gingerbread cakes dusted with confectioner's sugar...just right for sharing!

Then we walked about the town, which is dominated by this mill, Harrisville Designs. It is still a working, water-powered mill, and sells looms, yarns, and all sorts of wonderful goods! was a delightful drive! Then it was home and Sunday dinner, followed by hot chocolate and Poldark. A perfectly lovely day!

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