A Stroll Through Historic Deerfield

Part II of our explorations in Vermont and Massachusetts. 

We left Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vermont with a steady rain falling. But as we travelled southward, the light seemed brighter and the clouds thinner up ahead. We were hopeful. I'd looked forward to walking the dog through the Historic Deerfield area, and rain wasn't part of my plan (meaning, of course, that riding two hours home with a car that smells of wet dog was definitely not part of the plan).

Historic Deerfield is the historic part of the town of Deerfield, but its buildings are interspersed with privately-owned homes and a large boarding school. The original settlement was part of an Indian raid, and the story is hauntingly told in the minister's diary of his experience, The Redeemed Captive. I highly recommend that book!

We arrived, and the rain had stopped! Out came the dog, and after a brief stop at the communal dog water bowl, we were off walking the streets of Historic Deerfield.

Our purpose in coming was to walk the sidewalks, enjoy the autumn decorations of the homes, and photograph it all. So, come along and we'll show you what we saw...

A delightful day! I hope you enjoyed your brief tour!


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