State Fair Time

It's state fair time in New Hampshire! Last Friday, Colette and I met Felicity and the kiddos for a fun day of fair going! The little ones greeted us with cries of, "We want to go on the rides!" However, the rides did not open for a couple more hours, so it was off to see the animals, which are the highlight of every fair for me.

They fed the goats and the sheep, including this sweet-faced one. Isn't it just precious?

Checking out the spotted pig. Walter noted that another pig (that was pink) was "just a regular one."

We "got lost" in the hay maze, where the girls were a wee bit frightened of the scarecrows. 

We wandered through the produce displays. Isn't this sunflower lovely? I was captivated by the contrast between its sturdiness and the delicate beauty of its dried petals, that also, coincidentally, perfectly matched the paint on the table on which it was displayed.

Another highlight was the the GIANT pumpkins!

Fair food! So many choices! Essentials for us for the day were: fresh-squeezed lemonade, french fries, a buffalo burger, cotton candy, and kettle corn.

Then it was ride time!


  1. My husband and I also visited the Hopkinton Fair this year. We enjoyed ice cream at the NH dairy producer's booth. Our very favorite fair is the Deerfield Fair, coming up soon.

    1. Aww..we missed that booth. Next time!

      We have never been to the Deerfield Fair. Thanks for the recommendation!


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