Girl's Costumes in the Shop

I've been busy sewing up some fabrics that have been on my sewing room shelf for quite a while. And they were SO fun to create into these colonial girl's costumes! They are both in the shop now!

Click here to view this one:

And click here to view this one:


  1. Your sewing is amazing! So pretty, and such a pretty model. I love colonial history and feel it is so important to teach it to our children. My kids are grown now but they used to always dress up for Thanksgiving and have a meal for their Kindergarten class. Andrea

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! Yes, isn't my little model adorable? She's turned into quite a pro too, knowing just how to hold a pose...alter it little. She's just great!

      When I have spare time (ha!), I'd love to do a little card with historical info. to attach to each of my costumes, because I so value educating the next generation in our nation's history.

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it that your kids dressed for Thanksgiving! Bravo!


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