Exploring Walpole, New Hampshire

A couple of weeks ago, Colette and I went to lunch at our favorite French bistro tucked away in a charming town of New Hampshire's called Walpole. After feasting on salads and soup and pomme frites, we walked and drove about the town. And this is what we saw...

Beautiful Greek revival architecture.

And porches! Porches everywhere. Such an unusual number of porches, that I suspect the town went through some sort of remodeling frenzy in the 1830's-1850's perhaps where everyone just had to add a porch like the neighbors across the street.

And wrap around porches, from which you could view the comings and goings in town.

Pretty little details.

Outbuildings and old barns.

Then we roamed the countryside, following dirt roads to their end, past cornfields in the midst of harvest time, and up and down hills. Two of my favorite sights were garden follies...no surprise. Ahhh...I'd love to sit in this one with a cup of hot tea and a good book on an autumn day!

This brick one is tucked into the orchard and difficult to see, but isn't there everything to love in this scene? A folly. An orchard. A pair of Adirondack chairs. And, I do believe, that might be a root cellar in the foreground. Be still my heart!

The charms of Walpole seem quite endless...and that makes me happy.


  1. Walpole is such a lovely town. I grew up in that area of NH. It's fun reading your blog and seeing the state from someone else's perspective. Thanks for sharing. :)


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