Corn Harvest

All summer long, we've been battling some unknown critter ravaging the kitchen garden. Sigh. It eats the carrot tops. It eats the tomato plants, but not the tomatoes (thankfully). It dismantles Colette's wattle fencing and drops sticks from it on the outside of the deer fencing. And then it started in on the corn.

In desperation, I harvested all the corn two days ago...or at least all that was big enough and all that it hadn't already munched. Then yesterday, in an effort to save the stalks for decorating, since it was bending them over, we cut off all the stalks. We left a bit of each stalk, in hopes that he'd be satisfied with those instead of finding something else to munch. 

And tonight, I saw it! Our resident porcupine feasting away on the cornstalk remnants! Cheeky, bold fellow!

But the corn is safe...some of it eaten and the rest stored away in the freezer. Sweetest corn ever!


  1. Oh how I wish you had gotten a picture of the porcupine! Here is a video of one who is tame and eating pumpkin - although in one's own garden it is disappointing to find all your edibles partially chewed!!

    1. No picture, because it was raining at the time.

      They ARE very cute little creatures...just not when devouring one's veggies! ;-)


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